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delorian time machine
Yan Cui | May 22 2020
A time machine for your env variables
One of the great things about Lumigo is that it records a lot...
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open source serverless code libraries main
Erez Berkner | Feb 18 2020
Essential Open Source Serverless Code Libraries
Serverless applications, due to their distributed nature, are often stuck having to reinvent...
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lumigo-cli is an open source toolkit to help smooth out your serverless development workflow.
Yan Cui | Oct 07 2019
Introducing the lumigo-cli
Here at Lumigo, we are big fans of serverless. And a big part...
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The main image for speeding up serverless development, showing an abstract image of travelling at speed.
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Sep 24 2019
8 ways to speed up serverless development
There is a paradox at the heart of serverless. While it’s promoted as...
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How to decide between using DynamoDB Streams or Kinesis Streams.
Yan Cui | Sep 12 2019
The best reason to use AWS DynamoDB streams
Many clients have asked me, “When do I use AWS DynamoDB streams vs...
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AWS CloudFormation logo on background of clouds in a blue sky.
Yan Cui | Sep 03 2019
A SAR app to propagate CloudFormation tags to unsupported resources
Did you know that CloudFormation tags don't automatically propagate to some resource types?...
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An image of a queue in London representing AWS SQS.
Yan Cui | Aug 14 2019
SQS and Lambda: the missing guide on failure modes
Since Lambda added SQS as an event source, there has been a misconception...
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An image of glue representing the "surface area code" that connects "business logic" code.
Charlie Green | Jul 16 2019
The other half of software: what lurks between business logic
In 2016 I was the tech lead for a greenfield project completely devoid...
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An image representing the circular flow of serverless development
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Jul 11 2019
Development workflow for serverless applications
Serverless applications require a whole new approach to development workflow. In this article,...
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An image of the logo for the Kotlin programming language.
Chris Kent | Jul 04 2019
Serverless Web Apps with AWS and Kotlin
This post takes a look at Kotlin, a relatively new programming language that...
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