An image of speeding cars to represent accelerated development velocity

Accelerating Serverless Velocity

AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui and Seed CTO Frank Wang discuss best practices for improving serverless development velocity. Watch the...
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Promotional image for the recording of the Serverless Troubleshooting webinar with Yan Cui

Troubleshooting Serverless Applications

AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui takes you through everything you need to know about troubleshooting in a serverless world. Watch...
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Serverless Chats with Efi Merdler-Kravitz

Lumigo Director of Engineering Efi Merdler-Kravitz sits down with Jeremy Daly to discuss the realities of managing a 100% serverless...
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An exploded view of the serverless cost guide e-book.

The Complete Guide to Serverless Cost

Everything you need to know about the cost of serverless applications, from monitoring to optimization.
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The Serverless Monitoring Guide

Learn how to overcome the challenges of monitoring distributed environments to deliver bulletproof serverless applications.
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Lumigo VP Product Avishai Shafir speaking at the Serverless Architecture Conference, The Hague, 9 April 2019.

Serverless Testing: Adapting Methodology

Lumigo VP Product and tech industry veteran Avishai Shafir outlines the changes required to the traditional software testing approach when...
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AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui speaking at a conference
Press Releases

AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui Joins Lumigo

TEL AVIV – 11.07.2019 - Lumigo today announced that Yan Cui, an AWS Serverless Hero and the author of the...
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The Serverless Troubleshooting Guide

Get the lowdown on everything you need to know about troubleshooting in a serverless environment with our free e-book.
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Serverless Troubleshooting Webinar - May 2019

In this webinar - recorded on 15 May 2019 - Yan Cui and Jeremy Daly join Lumigo’s Erez Berkner and...
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The first slide from the "When DynamoDB Explodes" conference talk.
Slide Decks

When DynamoDB Explodes...

Troubleshooting a serverless application is challenging. In this presentation from his May 2019 talk at the StatsCraft monitoring conference, Lumigo...
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