Trouble in production?

Dig through logs. Correlate. Add missing logs. Redeploy.

Dig through logs. Correlate. Add missing logs. Redeploy.

Use Lumigo

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Solving issues starts with having
the right data in the right place.

Make data-driven troubleshooting decisions in minutes.

Debug errors in
production fast

Determine the blast radius and root cause of an issue in just a few clicks. Get visibility down to a variable.

Explore your data

Easily query and filter your data to surface relevant information and answer critical questions.

Improve latency and performance

Break apart performance bottlenecks to improve the quality and reliability of your microservice applications.

Gain visibility into APIs

Uncover the buried data streaming in and out of managed services and third party APIs.

No-code distributed tracing.
One click, it just works.

For Kubernetes and ECS

Automatically update everything in K8s namespaces or ECS services, with all necessary tracing machinery added.

For serverless

Automatically add the Lumigo tracer to Lambda functions, instrumenting your entire codebase with no code changes.

End-to-end only matters if you catch everything in between.

Trace across every service

Understand exactly how services like Kafka, RabbitMQ and Redis are interacting to serve an end-user request

Capture your data-in-motion

For every request, see all the data flowing in and out of services alongside relevant logs.

Supercharge your OpenTelemetry

Lumigo's tracers are based on distributions of OpenTelemetry.

Troubleshoot your
with Lumigo