End-to-end observability and debugging through automated distributed tracing

Go beyond metrics and logs to seamlessly navigate the most complex serverless and containerized environments.

Trace issues upstream with lightning speed, from request to root cause

Go from alert to debugging in a one click with no-code distributed tracing that automatically correlates traces, metrics, and logs into a visual, searchable map.

Break through the barriers of third party services

Traverse every component in your application, from AWS Lambda to serverless services like DynamoDB and step functions, to containers, in one unified monitoring experience.

Follow a single, continuous path across the full spectrum of modern cloud environments

Easily surface critical data to connect the full story of all your services and resources to not only see an impacted service but the entire transaction in one visual map.

Identify and remove expensive roadblocks to world-class performance

Remove data silos and get all the information you need to improve user experience, reduce downtime, and cut cloud costs at the moment of activation.

What developers say about us

"Using Serverless helps the team push innovation very quickly, and with Lumigo, the speed is amazing."

David Cervi
Founder and CEO, CodeScreen

"With Lumigo, Sonos managed to reduce its Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by a staggering 80% "

Jonathan Lemon
Software Engineering Manager at Sonos, Inc.

Custom-built, serverless smart alerts

Never miss an important issue with pre-configured, real-time alerts and predictive monitoring that can be easily integrated into your own workflows.

Visual debugging

See what you need, when you need it with real-time visual maps of a every transaction and its relevant data in one place.

Dynamic dashboards and widgets

Breakdown performance issues like latency, time outs, cold starts and more with custom and application-specific views, widgets, and reports.

Single pane of glass monitoring experience

Leverage turn-key integrations with AWS to collect and generate key metrics, and use out-of-the-box dashboards to monitor your application with zero setup time.

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