Monitoring & Debugging for Serverless Applications

Quickly identify and resolve critical issues in your distributed environment using smart monitoring, troubleshooting, and end-to-end tracing

A GIF showing the Lumigo product in use.


Get a comprehensive overview of the health of your entire system. See transactions, functions and managed services - in a single view, making it easy to ensure your application is performing optimally or to identify necessary configuration or performance optimizations.
  • View key metrics at a glance, including invocations, error rate, cold starts and latencies

  • Quickly identify functions and services with the highest failure rate

  • Get a granular cost breakdown of the functions and services within your system

  • Get predictive warnings on issues before they become a problem

A screenshot showing the primary monitoring dashboard of the Lumigo platform.
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Troubleshooting & Debugging

Understand the story of every transaction from beginning to end. Get alerted as soon as an issue occurs and instantly drill down to see the issue in the context of an end-to-end transaction. No more wading through endless log streams! Quickly deduce business impact and find root-cause.
  • Visually troubleshoot failures with an auto-generated map of every transaction

  • Get key debugging information, including stack trace, inputs, outputs, parameters, environment variables, and relevant logs in a single “zero noise” view

  • See detailed information about the behavior of your services like retries, duration and cost

A screenshot showing the individual transaction view of the Lumigo platform, where users can investigate issues using a visual map, virtual stack trace and correlated logs.
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With preconfigured smart alerting that works straight out of the box, you can remove that task from your dev backlog items, confident that you’ll always be the first to know about critical issues in your application.
  • Out-of-the-box alerting

  • Define your own custom alerts (errors / latency / cost SLAs)

  • Mute non-critical resources

  • Single-click drill down directly to the relevant issue

  • Get alerts on your favored platform (Slack, email, etc.)

A screenshot showing the Lumigo Serverless Alerts configuration screen.
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Live Architecture Map

With an auto-generated, always up-to-date system map - based on real-time execution - team managers and architects get a powerful visual tool for monitoring system architecture, driving architectural discussions and aiding new employee onboarding.
  • Live system map with the ability to filter for active/inactive services

  • Visualize your application architecture

  • Easily identify unexpected behaviors like production service accessing staging service, unused “orphan” functions and more

  • Powerful research tool to identify architectural anomalies, latencies, and cost abnormalities and inefficiencies

A screenshot showing the live auto-generated serverless system map on the Lumigo platform.
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Cost Analysis

Take full advantage of the cost-effectiveness of serverless computing with a granular cost breakdown of every component of your application. Quickly identify areas of inefficiency and optimize system resources. Drive pricing and forecasting according to accurate cost data.
  • Get reports on the aggregated cost of different applications in your account

  • Drive API pricing decisions and derive cost forecasting

  • Make data-driven architectural decisions based on cost

  • Get alerted when cost is acting abnormally, and quickly respond

A screenshot showing the Lumigo 'Functions' view, which allows users to review the cost of individual Lambda functions.
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