The Most Advanced Distributed Tracing Platform

Enhanced end-to-end distributed tracing with full payload visibility to troubleshoot microservices

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Trace Implementation in Under Ten Minutes

Automated injection of tracers
We automate tracing with one click, eliminating manual configuration. Speed up service delivery and visualize your entire application effortlessly.
Kubernetes operator
Gain full container app observability with OpenTelemetry tracing. Deploy in minutes via two Helm lines for broad coverage and continuous service discovery.
1-Click AWS integration
Lumigo ensures swift AWS observability deployment. Connect, debug, trace, visualize, and effortlessly control AWS costs.

Simplify Troubleshooting Workflows

End-to-End Distributed Tracing

Unbroken traces aid issue pinpointing and resolution. Developers quickly find root causes, grasp impact, and view transactions in one graph.

Full Payload Visibility

Access payload request data with traces, reducing reliance on logs. Dive into details seamlessly, gaining unified context without switching tools.

Execution Tags

Simplify trace management with dynamic dimensions. Enrich traces, filter by tags, customize widgets, and set alerts.

Single View of all Troubleshooting Data

Search and query microservices in real-time with Lumigo's Explore feature. Quickly address critical issues by querying application events, compare trends, and create dashboard widgets.
Stay proactive with Lumigo's contextual alerts for errors and events. Customize responses with Programmatic Errors, set RED alerts, and establish CloudWatch metric alerts for quick responses.
Speed troubleshooting with Lumigo's Transaction View, no tab-switching needed. Dive into request details, visualize service dependencies, and analyze performance.
Efficiently manage data sources with Lumigo's Issues page, consolidating errors, warnings, and performance issues. Quickly filter, inspect, and gain insights to stay on top of application issues.

OpenTelemetry-Native Distributed Tracing

Lumigo swiftly integrates OpenTelemetry, autonomously capturing data for microservice troubleshooting. It enriches traces with detailed payloads and correlates traces, metrics, and logs for rapid issue resolution.

Integrations That Make The Work Flow.