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Serverless computing from AWS (Amazon Web Services) allows developers to build and run secure, scalable applications on the cloud without ever having to consider provisioning or managing the servers they run on. Utilizing Amazon’s suite of managed services, with pay-per-use compute provided by AWS Lambda, serverless on AWS delivers the ultimate combination of scalability, agility and cost efficiency. Read more.


Recognizing the inadequacy of traditional application security paradigms, Protego Labs designed the first comprehensive solution built with the unique constraints and opportunities of serverless in mind. Through continuous serverless security posture, dynamic serverless intelligence, and elastic defense, Protego helps organizations achieve control over the security of their applications.


Seed is a fully-managed CICD pipeline for Serverless Framework applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Seed manages pipelines, configures environments, and monitors deployments for Serverless Framework projects on AWS.


Stackery enables development teams to select and configure services, develop against live AWS services locally, and manage applications from pipeline to production. Stackery makes it possible to build modern, production-ready applications with speed and confidence


PureSec, now a part of the Palo Alto Networks is the global leader in serverless security, empowering customers to innovate with serverless, securely. Integrating with many of the most popular frameworks and tools, PureSec safeguards serverless applications at all times, and in all environments, from known and unknown attacks.


Datree connects with GitHub to provide automatic policy compliance tests and insights for every code commit. It provides a central place to set policies across the organization, and to have a full view of all code components, contributors, and repositories.