Turbocharge Resolution Times with Cost Effective Log Management

Lumigo automatically correlates log and distributed trace data into a single view for lightning-fast troubleshooting.

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The Logs You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Lumigo provides significant cost savings through state-of-the-art technology and a custom data ingestion pipeline.


Not including rehydration
New Relic


+ Additional for users
Amazon CloudWatch


+ Extra for dashboards


All included
Example Scenario: Logging 10TB/Month, retained for 30 days

Cut Costs, Not Logs

Gain control over your observability expenses without compromising visibility. Lumigo offers a premium logging experience at half the cost. Consolidate logs from various sources into a single, searchable repository. Say goodbye to toggling logs on and off in production.
Maintain retention times according to your needs
Only archive logs when you're ready
Eliminate unpredictable costs & overages

Find The Answers You Need to Resolve Issues

Simplify the search, filtering, aggregation, and visualization of logs using SQL for immediate access to pertinent troubleshooting information. Lumigo provides deep insights that give a quick understanding of any issue.
Effortlessly analyze logs with interactive dashboards
Identify issues with intelligent data visualizations
Query all logs at lightning speed

Reduce Debugging Time by 80%

Analyze automatically enriched traces with complete in-context request and response payloads and correlate them to the relevant logs and metrics. Lumigo brings all your troubleshooting data into a single, correlated dashboard view.
View logs in the context of the associated traces
Navigate from the logs view to the traces view and vice versa
Quickly drill into log details from the dashboard

Never Miss an Issue

Receive alerts on any anomalies in your logs to resolve issues quickly before they impact customers. Set alert triggers based on your defined thresholds so your team isn’t inundated with useless alerts.
Ensure critical issues are always noticed
Effortlessly route alerts to preferred notification tool
Quickly drill into log details from the dashboard

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