debug lambda performance image
Yan Cui | Jul 01 2020
How to Debug AWS Lambda Performance Issues
Ten years ago, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency would cost them...
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delorian time machine
Yan Cui | May 22 2020
A time machine for your env variables
One of the great things about Lumigo is that it records a lot...
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Aviad Mor | Apr 05 2020
Feature Spotlight: Explore
We've recently updated one of the most powerful features in Lumigo: Explore, and...
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Saar Tochner | Mar 25 2020
Serverless Continuous Integration in the era of parallelism
As a team that does pure serverless, we place a lot of emphasis...
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Nir Hod | Mar 17 2020
Serverless CI/CD: How we added a staging step
Unit tests and integration tests are vitally important, but sometimes even those aren’t...
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Yan Cui | Mar 12 2020
HTTP API goes GA today!
As you read this, API Gateway HTTP API is now Generally Available. This...
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Itay Herskovits | Mar 10 2020
10 Essential Serverless Framework Plugins
To round out our series on the serverless open source community, Itay Herskovits,...
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Yan Cui | Mar 05 2020
5 reasons why you should use EventBridge instead of SNS
SNS and SQS have been the goto options for AWS developers when it...
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Instrumenting distributed systems for operational visibility
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Mar 03 2020
ABL in focus #8: Instrumenting distributed systems for operational visibility
Next in our series on the Amazon Builders’ Library, Lumigo Director of Engineering...
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AWS Serverless Hero Efi Merdler-Kravitz
Erez Berkner | Feb 27 2020
Lumigo’s new Serverless Hero
I’m thrilled to share that our very own Efi Merdler-Kravitz, Lumigo director of...
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open source serverless code libraries main
Erez Berkner | Feb 18 2020
Essential Open Source Serverless Code Libraries
Serverless applications, due to their distributed nature, are often stuck having to reinvent...
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The feature image for the article, Amazon Builders' Library in focus #7: Going faster with continuous delivery
Mike Roberts | Feb 13 2020
Amazon Builders' Library in focus #7: Going faster with continuous delivery
Next in our series on the Amazon Builders’ Library, Mike Roberts of Symphonia...
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A Swiss Army Knife representing developer serverless open source tooling
Matt Billock | Feb 04 2020
Essential Open Source Serverless Tools
The infrastructure that runs your applications can be nearly as complex as the...
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Yan Cui | Jan 30 2020
Amazon Builders' Library in Focus #6: Implementing Health Checks
In our latest article on the Amazon Builders’ Library, Yan Cui highlights the...
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Serverless Cost Optimization, using Kinesis as an example
Uri Parush | Jan 28 2020
Serverless Cost Optimization: Kinesis Streams vs Firehose
Lumigo senior engineer Uri Parush shares how the Lumigo R&D team balances functionality...
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Yan Cui | Jan 23 2020
Amazon Builders' Library in focus #5: Static stability using availability zones
Next in our series on the Amazon Builders’ Library, Yan Cui picks out...
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A vector image of an infinity loop representing the serverless CICD process
Erez Berkner | Jan 21 2020
7 Tips for Rock-Solid Serverless CICD
Lumigo CEO Erez Berkner shares the seven guiding principles that shaped his development...
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Feature image for part 4 of the Amazon Builders' Library in focus article
Yan Cui | Jan 16 2020
Amazon Builders' Library in focus #4: Avoiding insurmountable queue backlogs
In the latest article in our series focusing on the Amazon Builders’ Library,...
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Lumigo announces its latest security certifications, ISO 27001 and 27799
Alex Sholem | Jan 14 2020
Lumigo announces ISO 27001 & 27799 certification
Lumigo is pleased to announce that it has achieved ISO 27001 and ISO 27799 (HIPAA compliance) certification....
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Amazon Builders' Library in focus - Avoiding fallback in distributed systems
Yan Cui | Jan 09 2020
Amazon Builders’ Library in focus #3: Avoiding fallback in distributed systems
In the third of our series of articles, Yan Cui highlights the key...
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A performance-tuned engine representing the under-the-hood optimizations to get the most out of AWS Lambda function performance.
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Jan 07 2020
How to optimize AWS Lambda performance
AWS Lambda has become the most widely used deployment pattern for serverless applications....
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Amazon Builders' Library in focus - Using load shedding to avoid overload
Yan Cui | Jan 02 2020
Amazon Builders’ Library in focus #2: Using load shedding to avoid overload
In the second of our new series of posts, Yan Cui highlights the...
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Yan Cui | Dec 22 2019
Amazon Builders’ Library in focus #1: Timeouts, retries, and backoff with jitter
In the first article in our new series, Yan Cui highlights the key...
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Cloned Stormtroopers representing concurrent Lambda functions
Yan Cui | Dec 03 2019
Provisioned Concurrency - the end of cold starts
AWS today announced Provisioned Concurrency, an exciting feature to allow Lambda customers to...
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A futurestic bridge representing the launch of AWS EventBridge serial bus for serverless and cloud applications.
Aviad Mor | Nov 14 2019
EventBridge vs CloudWatch Events, Kinesis and SNS
AWS recently launched the Serverless Event Bus, AWS EventBridge. Some have described it...
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A removals truck representing a user moving from IOpipe to Lumigo.
Avishai Shafir | Nov 13 2019
Migrating from IOpipe to Lumigo
You’ve no doubt heard that IOpipe has been acquired by New Relic (congratulations...
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A cloudscape with the AWS CDK logo
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Oct 31 2019
An Introduction to AWS CDK
In this article we’ll introduce the AWS Cloud Development Kit and explore how...
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Yan Cui | Oct 16 2019
The why, when and how of AWS API Gateway service proxies
Serverless Hero Yan Cui explains when and why you should use API Gateway...
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An image of binoculars and a winter landscape.
Yan Cui | Oct 09 2019
Monitor Lambda cold start durations with CloudWatch
When you look at an X-Ray trace for a Lambda cold start, you...
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lumigo-cli is an open source toolkit to help smooth out your serverless development workflow.
Yan Cui | Oct 07 2019
Introducing the lumigo-cli
Here at Lumigo, we are big fans of serverless. And a big part...
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The Serverless Framework logo on a background of clouds.
Yan Cui | Oct 06 2019
Top 10 best practices for serverless.yml
The Serverless Framework is one of the oldest (and still going strong!) deployment...
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An image of a squirrel, representing the mascot of AWS SAM.
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Oct 02 2019
5 Tips for using AWS Serverless Application Model
AWS introduced the Serverless Application Model (SAM) to ease the building of serverless...
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Lumigo announces the achievement of AWS DevOps Competency
Alex Sholem | Oct 01 2019
Lumigo Achieves AWS DevOps Competency Status
Lumigo, the serverless monitoring and troubleshooting platform, today announced that it has achieved...
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Josh Linton | Sep 26 2019
Serverless API with ReactJS
The article, Serverless API with ReactJS, was first published on the Serverless Guru...
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The main image for speeding up serverless development, showing an abstract image of travelling at speed.
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Sep 24 2019
8 ways to speed up serverless development
There is a paradox at the heart of serverless. While it’s promoted as...
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Rajesh Bhojwani | Sep 16 2019
AWS Lambda vs EC2
AWS Lambda has gained good traction for building applications on AWS. But, is...
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How to decide between using DynamoDB Streams or Kinesis Streams.
Yan Cui | Sep 12 2019
The best reason to use AWS DynamoDB streams
Many clients have asked me, “When do I use DynamoDB streams vs Kinesis?”...
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Pipe welding on the pipeline construction, representing the construction of a CICD pipeline for serverless applications using TravisCI.
Frank Wang | Sep 10 2019
How to build a CICD pipeline for Serverless apps with TravisCI
This post, How to build a CI/CD pipeline for Serverless apps with Travis...
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AWS CloudFormation logo on background of clouds in a blue sky.
Yan Cui | Sep 03 2019
A SAR app to propagate CloudFormation tags to unsupported resources
Did you know that CloudFormation tags don't automatically propagate to some resource types?...
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Yan Cui | Aug 27 2019
Serverless Framework Plugin: Get Instant Visibility
Observability is a common challenge for serverless applications and we believe Lumigo is...
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An image of a queue in London representing AWS SQS.
Yan Cui | Aug 14 2019
SQS and Lambda: the missing guide on failure modes
Since Lambda added SQS as an event source, there has been a misconception...
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Yan Cui | Aug 08 2019
Getting the most out of AWS CloudWatch Logs
In our last post, we covered CloudWatch Metrics in a great deal of...
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Rajesh Bhojwani | Jul 30 2019
AWS Step Functions - limits, use cases, best practices
Many articles have been written about AWS Step Functions since it was first...
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Erez Rokah | Jul 23 2019
Advanced Serverless CICD - Part 2: CircleCI
In the second part of his series comparing CICD services for serverless applications,...
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Yan Cui | Jul 18 2019
Amazon EventBridge: a new era of SaaS integration
Amazon recently announced EventBridge to much fanfare. Although, in truth, it’s a rebranding...
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An image of glue representing the "surface area code" that connects "business logic" code.
Charlie Green | Jul 16 2019
The other half of software: what lurks between business logic
In 2016 I was the tech lead for a greenfield project completely devoid...
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An image representing the circular flow of serverless development
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Jul 11 2019
Development workflow for serverless applications
Serverless applications require a whole new approach to development workflow. In this article,...
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An image of the logo for the Kotlin programming language.
Chris Kent | Jul 04 2019
Serverless Web Apps with AWS and Kotlin
This post takes a look at Kotlin, a relatively new programming language that...
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A vector image representing a metrics dashboard.
Yan Cui | Jul 02 2019
How to monitor Lambda with CloudWatch Metrics
With AWS Lambda, you have basic observability built into the platform with CloudWatch....
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API Gatewa and AWS Lambda logos
Matt Billock | Jun 24 2019
Tackling API Gateway Lambda performance issues
API Gateway is a powerful tool for creating a coherent API out of...
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Erez Berkner | Jun 20 2019
How to improve AWS Lambda Cold Start performance
One of the great promises of serverless has always been that it would...
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An image of a speedometer representing a faster functioning Lambda
Yan Cui | Jun 18 2019
Serverless app to speed up all your Lambda functions
A while back, I wrote about how you can shave latency off every...
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Alex Sholem | Jun 12 2019
Lumigo adds monitoring support for AWS Chalice
We’re pleased to announce that the Lumigo serverless intelligence platform now supports the...
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An image showing stopwatches to illustrate the AWS Lambda timeout limitations
Rajesh Bhojwani | Jun 09 2019
AWS Lambda Timeout Best Practices
An ever increasing number of developers and architects are using AWS Lambda to...
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An image of a man diving into a lake represents a software developer jumping into serverless development
Uri Parush | Jun 05 2019
Are you ready for serverless development?
The way we build software products changes all the time. Serverless architecture opens...
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Lumigo announces support for Java
Alex Sholem | Jun 03 2019
Lumigo adds Java Tracing support for AWS Lambda
We’re very pleased to announce the official launch of our new Java tracer...
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A gas pipeline representing the serverless CICD process.
Erez Rokah | May 23 2019
Advanced Serverless CICD - Part 1 :  AWS CodeBuild
In this guest post, the first of a two-part series, Erez Rokah, developer...
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A graphic depiction of software testing
Avishai Shafir | May 21 2019
Serverless Testing - Adapt or Cry
One of the basic ingredients of any software is that before you deliver...
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Yan Cui | May 16 2019
Lambda and Kinesis - beware of hot streams
Back in 2017, I wrote a post titled “3 pro tips for Developers...
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Efi Merdler-Kravitz | May 09 2019
AWS Cognito Tutorial: serverless integration testing
In this bite-sized blog post we look at how to add Cognito to...
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Serverless vendor-lockin isn't the prison it's portrayed to be.
Yan Cui | May 07 2019
You are wrong about serverless vendor lock-in
Some time ago, the Register published an article titled “Lambda and serverless is...
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Yan Cui | May 01 2019
Pros and Cons of AWS Lambda VPC
When you’re working with EC2 or containers, VPCs have long been viewed as...
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How to make sure you don't accidentally delete your serverless stack
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Apr 25 2019
Serverless from the trenches 1: Protect your stack from deletion
It’s time to talk about the everyday challenges of serverless. Whenever I scroll...
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How best to organize your AWS Lambda functions? Monorepo or multirepo?
Yan Cui | Apr 19 2019
Mono-repo vs one-per-service
With AWS Lambda, we can deploy and scale individual functions. However, we engineers...
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AWS Lambda LaunchDarkly canary deployment
Yan Cui | Apr 18 2019
Canary Deployment with LaunchDarkly and AWS Lambda
LaunchDarkly has built an impressive feature flag management system that overages more than...
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Yan Cui | Apr 16 2019
AWS Lambda Use Cases: When to use Lambda layers
AWS introduced Lambda Layers at re:invent 2018 as a way to share code...
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Avishai Shafir | Apr 11 2019
Takeaways from Serverless Architecture Conference NL 2019
Lumigo VP Product Avishai Shafir rounds up the most interesting talking points from...
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Yan Cui | Apr 10 2019
Lambda Deployment Frameworks Compared
With AWS Lambda, deploying a new version of our application has never been...
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Automate chores around Cloudwatch logging with these open source tools from Lumigo
Yan Cui | Apr 04 2019
AWS Lambda apps to automate chores around CloudWatch Logs
The open source applications described in this article are available from Lumigo's Github...
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Yan Cui guides you through canary deployment considerations.
Yan Cui | Mar 27 2019
Canary deployment for AWS Lambda
With AWS Lambda, we get blue-green deployment out of the box. After we...
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Yan Cui | Mar 25 2019
An AWS Lambda app to clean up old deployment packages
AWS Lambda has a soft limit of 75GB for deployment packages for all...
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Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Mar 12 2019
Web frameworks implication for serverless cold starts
TL;DR Web application frameworks with all of their benefits add their own set...
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Erez Berkner | Aug 12 2018
Takeaways from the ServerlessConf SF 2018
Last week I attended ServerlessConf SF. This was the 8th and largest ServerlessConf...
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