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Blog - Debugging Slow Lambda Response Times2
Yan Cui | Sep 03 2020
How to Debug Slow Lambda Response Times
When you build your application on top of Lambda, AWS automatically scales the...
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serverless alerts
Yan Cui | Aug 17 2020
What alerts should you have for serverless applications?
A key metric for measuring how well you handle system outages is the...
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aws serverless timeouts hero image
Yan Cui | Aug 12 2020
Debugging AWS Lambda Timeouts
Some time ago, an ex-colleague of mine at DAZN received an alert through...
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Dori Aviram | Jul 07 2020
Lambda Execution Leaks: A Practical Guide
At Lumigo, we recently ran into some issues with a service we built...
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Unlocking new use cases with amazon efs and lambda
Yan Cui | Jun 16 2020
Unlocking new serverless use cases with EFS and Lambda
UPDATE 21/06/2020: following the official launch of this feature, we have performed more...
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Yan Cui | Mar 12 2020
HTTP API goes GA today!
As you read this, API Gateway HTTP API is now Generally Available. This...
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Yan Cui | Mar 05 2020
5 reasons why you should use EventBridge instead of SNS
SNS and SQS have been the goto options for AWS developers when it...
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A performance-tuned engine representing the under-the-hood optimizations to get the most out of AWS Lambda function performance.
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Jan 07 2020
How to optimize AWS Lambda performance
AWS Lambda has become the most widely used deployment pattern for serverless applications....
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Cloned Stormtroopers representing concurrent Lambda functions
Yan Cui | Dec 03 2019
Provisioned Concurrency - the end of cold starts
AWS today announced Provisioned Concurrency, an exciting feature to allow Lambda customers to...
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An image of binoculars and a winter landscape.
Yan Cui | Oct 09 2019
Monitor Lambda cold start durations with CloudWatch
When you look at an X-Ray trace for a Lambda cold start, you...
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