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We’ve recently updated one of the most powerful features in Lumigo: Explore, and I wanted to tell you a bit more about it and what it can do for you.

What is it?

Explore is a quick and easy way to find events you are interested in your Lambda invocations.

What problem does it solve?

Without a feature such as Explore, you would have to sift through thousands of invocations to find what you are looking for, wasting a lot of time. The new capabilities we added to Explore, not only let you search, but they let you do it with very fine-grained queries.

Explore Feature Deep Dive

With Lumigo’s Explore feature, you can search for Lambda invocations that contain specific strings or that have certain properties using fielded data.

In the screenshot below, we’re searching for all invocations related to a Stripe charge ID:

search lambdas with lumigo explore

Matching results are marked in red. Clicking on an invocation will open its transaction view.

You can search with free text in any field that Lumigo collects (see below) by typing the field name followed by a colon “:” and then the term you are looking for. For example, if you want to search for all executions that took 1000ms or longer, type “duration: >1000”.

You can create more complex queries by using logical operators AND, OR and parentheses for priority () to better define the search conditions. For example, to find all executions in the AWS us-west-1 region that either took longer than 500ms or had a timeout error, type: “us-west-1 AND (duration: >500 OR error: Timeout)”.

To define a range, use brackets with the word [ TO ]. For example, to search for executions with a duration of 500ms to 1000ms, type “duration: [500 TO 1000]”.

Here are some other fields and properties you can search:

  • duration: >500 invocations with duration longer than 500ms
  • resource_name: My_Lambda – invocations of Lambda with the name My_Lambda
  • readiness: cold – cold lambda invocations (the “cold” can be replaced with “warm”)
  • error: Timeout – invocations with Timeout or use * for any error
  • region: us-west-1 – functions in a specific region
  • method: POST – search invocation with a specific method (POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)
  • host: kms.us-west-2.amazonaws.com – search for a specific hostname
  • status_code: 200 – search invocation with specific return status code
  • entity_type: lambda – invocations of lambdas or you can enter “http” for general http calls
  • key: My_Key – invocations with a specific execution tag key
  • value: My_Value – invocations with a specific execution tag value

What Next?

Try it for yourself on your own serverless environment. Click on the links below to run the queries in your Lumigo account:

Don’t have a Lumigo account? Sign up now. It’s free and you’ll be up & running in minutes.