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Itay Herskovits | Mar 10 2020
10 Essential Serverless Framework Plugins
To round out our series on the serverless open source community, Itay Herskovits,...
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Erez Berkner | Feb 18 2020
Essential Open Source Serverless Code Libraries
Serverless applications, due to their distributed nature, are often stuck having to reinvent...
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A Swiss Army Knife representing developer serverless open source tooling
Matt Billock | Feb 04 2020
Essential Open Source Serverless Tools
The infrastructure that runs your applications can be nearly as complex as the...
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Yan Cui | Oct 16 2019
The why, when and how of AWS API Gateway service proxies
Serverless Hero Yan Cui explains when and why you should use API Gateway...
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An image of binoculars and a winter landscape.
Yan Cui | Oct 09 2019
Monitor Lambda cold start durations with CloudWatch
When you look at an X-Ray trace for a Lambda cold start, you...
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lumigo-cli is an open source toolkit to help smooth out your serverless development workflow.
Yan Cui | Oct 07 2019
Introducing the lumigo-cli
Here at Lumigo, we are big fans of serverless. And a big part...
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AWS CloudFormation logo on background of clouds in a blue sky.
Yan Cui | Sep 03 2019
A SAR app to propagate CloudFormation tags to unsupported resources
Did you know that CloudFormation tags don't automatically propagate to some resource types?...
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Yan Cui | Aug 27 2019
Serverless Framework Plugin: Get Instant Visibility
Observability is a common challenge for serverless applications and we believe Lumigo is...
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An image of a speedometer representing a faster functioning Lambda
Yan Cui | Jun 18 2019
Serverless app to speed up all your Lambda functions
A while back, I wrote about how you can shave latency off every...
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Automate chores around Cloudwatch logging with these open source tools from Lumigo
Yan Cui | Apr 04 2019
AWS Lambda apps to automate chores around CloudWatch Logs
The open source applications described in this article are available from Lumigo's Github...
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