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Discover how our customers are pushing innovation utilizing AWS Serverless technology monitored by Lumigo

Revolutionizing the agriculture industry using AWS serverless architecture monitored by Lumigo.
“With Lumigo, I have complete confidence in the health of our system.”
Ruby Boyarski, ClariFruit CTO
Changing the game for developer recruitment by leveraging AWS Serverless and Lumigo troubleshooting & monitoring platform.
“Using Serverless helps the team push innovation very quickly, and with Lumigo, the speed is amazing.”
Dave Cervi, CodeScreen CEO & Founder
Protecting IoT devices around the globe utilizing AWS serverless architecture monitored by Lumigo.
“Real-time visibility and the ability to solve problems extremely quickly are at the heart of security controls. Lumigo addresses exactly this challenge when working with serverless.”
Vlad Kharbash, Cybeats VP R&D