You’re in great company

Learn how Lumigo's customers are achieving end-to-end observability for their microservice-based cloud applications.

Sonos modernized their online store using AWS serverless architecture monitored by Lumigo.
“With Lumigo, Sonos managed to reduce its Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by a staggering 80%.”
Jonathan Lemon, Software Engineering Manager, Sonos
How Zesty's Programmers and Ops Team Troubleshoots Kubernetes in Minutes
"Lumigo is a one-stop shop that puts all our [micro]serivces under one monitoring roof."
Pini Ben-Nahum, R&D Group Lead, Zesty
Clarifruit is revolutionizing the agriculture industry using serverless and container technologies, monitored by Lumigo. 
"Debugging is a different experience with Lumigo. It is essential. Before there would be a log with an exception in it and we’d have to dig into the logs to find the cause."
Luke Thompson, Chief Architect at Clarifruit
Running 100% serverless, StartingFinance relies on Lumigo to ensure high performing apps that have low error rate and down time, and improve MTTR.
"Lumigo has a better monitoring systems for serverless, Datadog doesn't get close."
Marco Giuseppini, Cloud Engineer at Starting Finance
Xiggit said goodbye to logs when they started using Lumigo for troubleshooting their serverless apps.
“We could instrument a whole bunch of logging to figure out what is happening, or we can just use Lumigo,”
Michael Blanton, CTO and co-founder, Xiggit
From Migration to Production-Ready: Compete's Serverless Journey with Lumigo
"Using Lumigo, we can see every step in a serverless workflow. It makes debugging trivial."
Leon Kotler, Senior Developer, Compete HR
Protecting IoT devices around the globe utilizing AWS serverless architecture monitored by Lumigo.
“Real-time visibility and the ability to solve problems extremely quickly are at the heart of security controls. Lumigo addresses exactly this challenge when working with serverless.”
Vlad Kharbash, Cybeats VP R&D
Changing the game for developer recruitment by leveraging AWS Serverless and Lumigo troubleshooting & monitoring platform.
“Using Serverless helps the team push innovation very quickly, and with Lumigo, the speed is amazing.”
Dave Cervi, CodeScreen CEO & Founder
Lumigo's Observability Platform Provides Polymorph with the Insights Needed to Troubleshoot Issues Without Digging Through Logs
“The beauty of Lumigo lies in its flexibility, providing the necessary insights without needing to inspect logs manually. This capability significantly reduces the time spent on issue investigation, offering a more streamlined and efficient resolution process.”
Heinrich Venter, CTO at Polymorph
Metaphor Eliminates Customer-Reported Incidents with Lumigo
“With Lumigo, the logs are correlated directly with the traces in real-time. Because of that, we have all of the data we need to troubleshoot issues in Lumigo and hardly ever need to go back to the logs. Lumigo, to a great extent, has removed our logging dependency for our production environments.”
Mars Ian, CTO and co-founder at Metaphor
Tractor Zoom's Software Developers Get Directly to the Root Cause of Every Issue with Lumigo.
"From a developer experience standpoint: with Lumigo our developers are spending less time figuring out the root cause of errors. This has enabled us to deploy 3 times faster with Lumigo."
Ross Reicks, Software Engineering Team Lead at Tractor Zoom
NearSt Cuts Debugging Time to 30 Seconds with Lumigo
"Seeing the full request and response payload was quite important because everything we do is event-driven."
Thomas Schoffelen, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at NearSt