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Starting Finance uses Lumigo for serverless performance and issue resolution.

Starting Finance relies on Lumigo to ensure high performing apps that have low error rate and down time, and improve MTTR."Lumigo has a better monitoring systems for serverless, Datadog doesn't get close." - Marco Giuseppini, Cloud Engineer at Starting Finance

Simone Conti, CTO of Starting Finance, shared the success of their financial simulator, a trading platform that has garnered over 700,000 downloads and boasts 40,000 active users. This innovative platform, built entirely on a serverless cloud infrastructure on AWS, utilizes serverless APIs implemented via AWS AppSync and AWS Lambda for business logic.

Simone emphasized their preference for serverless infrastructure due to its reliability, efficiency, and scalability advantages. This approach set the stage for a robust observability and troubleshooting platform. Starting Finance evaluated serverless observability tools and quickly determined that Lumigo was the best option compared to alternatives like Datadog. Lumigo provided essential real-time monitoring and error management capabilities, significantly impacting the application’s performance.

By implementing Lumigo, Starting Finance drastically reduced error rates from 1% to 0.03%. They also optimized the runtime of leaderboard functions from 15 minutes to about one and a half minutes. Additionally, Lumigo improved problem resolution times from a few days to just two to three hours, making a substantial difference in the application’s operational efficiency.

About Lumigo:

Lumigo is an observability and troubleshooting platform that autonomously deploys Distributed Tracing in under 5 minutes with a single click, automatically capturing and contextualizing all of the data developers need to troubleshoot microservice issues in production. Lumigo is the only distributed tracing platform that enriches traces with complete in-context request and response payloads and correlates them to the relevant logs and metrics, enabling developers to resolve issues up to 80% faster.