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Compete HR Revolutionizes Debugging and Observability with Lumigo

"Using Lumigo, we can see every step in a serverless workflow. It makes debugging trivial." - Leon Kotler, Senior Developer, Compete HR

About Compete HR

Compete HR is a platform specializing in benefits and compensation benchmarking. The application is built on a microservices architecture, primarily using serverless technologies on AWS, including Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, and SNS. The platform has approximately 200 discrete Lambda functions organized into serverless applications.

The Challenge

Over the past year, Compete HR transitioned from a traditional microservices application running on Kubernetes to a predominantly serverless architecture. This shift introduced significant challenges in observability and tracking. Monitoring individual Lambda functions and understanding the complete lifecycle of transactions across the distributed, event-driven system became increasingly difficult. Existing tools proved inefficient and cumbersome, complicating the debugging and tracing processes.

The Solution

Compete HR found a solution in Lumigo. Lumigo provided a unique way to trace and debug transactions, offering deep insights into the flow of events within the serverless architecture. Its seamless integration with AWS, requiring just a single line of IAM role configuration, and its user-friendly dashboards made it an immediate and effective choice. With Lumigo, Compete was able to:

  • Improve Observability and Tracing: Lumigo simplified connecting the dots across distributed services, making it easy to track individual transactions over their lifetime
    Enhance Debugging Efficiency: With Lumigo, debugging became trivial as Lumigo automatically links alerts to transaction details, logs, and events, allowing developers to identify and resolve issues quickly
  • Reduce Debugging Time: The time required to trace and understand transaction flows was significantly reduced from potentially lengthy durations to just a few minutes
  • Enjoy a User-Friendly Interface: Lumigo’s clear and accessible dashboards enable developers to monitor key metrics and insights effortlessly

Lumigo proved to be an essential solution for Compete HR, offering visibility and debugging capabilities to manage their serverless infrastructure effectively. The ease of integration and powerful observability features allowed Compete HR to maintain high performance and reliability in their serverless applications, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency.

About Lumigo:

Lumigo is an observability and troubleshooting platform that autonomously deploys Distributed Tracing in under 5 minutes with a single click, automatically capturing and contextualizing all of the data developers need to troubleshoot microservice issues in production. Lumigo is the only distributed tracing platform that enriches traces with complete in-context request and response payloads and correlates them to the relevant logs and metrics, enabling developers to resolve issues up to 80% faster.