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Lumigo Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Since our founding, Lumigo has worked hard to build innovative technology that meets our customers’ real-world needs in a cloud-first world. Today, we’re excited to be recognized for our work in serverless operations and the AI market by the experts at Frost & Sullivan, who have awarded Lumigo with the prestigious Europe and Israel Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

Given to select organizations in recognition of their contribution to advancing product, solution, and service development, recipients of this award are leaders who drive innovation in their respective sectors. Frost & Sullivan understands the distinct challenges in the dynamic serverless industry filled with industry competition and continually shifting business models, making this award all the more meaningful.

Lumigo Advances Innovation in the Serverless World

Despite the increasing number of organizations adopting serverless methods, developers still find its intricate and complex architecture challenging. Its various dependencies spread across internal and third-party services make it difficult for developers to find and fix issues quickly. Lumigo addresses the complexity of these distributed systems by giving developers the tools and information they need to monitor their applications, identify the source of the issues, and resolve them as fast as possible. 

Lumigo helps empower developers as they expand and build their products by ensuring their serverless environments run smoothly. Our technology enables total observability and traceability of serverless apps, including third-party services. Thus, we help organizations prevent service disruptions before they have the opportunity to occur. The platform alerts users of unusual behaviors and issues actionable resolutions by monitoring and analyzing user and entity behaviors. The platform’s visible debugging feature makes complex infrastructure easy to monitor by providing a precise breakdown of each component’s execution and duration, allowing developers to streamline the debugging process and prevent performance bottlenecks. Moreover, Lumigo employs a developer-focused market strategy, catering to organizations’ advanced security and privacy needs while also providing a high user experience, onboarding, and self-service experience. 

At Lumigo, we plan to continue growing our culture of innovation by evolving our platform and expanding to support every modern cloud technology. We are focused on strengthening our ability to offer developers actionable insights. Frost & Sullivan acknowledges our company’s culture of constant innovation with the addition of many recent capabilities, including identifying rogue deployments or seeing a “live tail” of the app logs, and is expecting more releases in this area shortly.

Learn more about Lumigo’s continual innovation and evolution and access Frost & Sullivan’s full report today.

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