Microservice troubleshooting,
built for developers

With end-to-end tracing and http payload data,
troubleshoot production issues in minutes, without logs.

Why developers love Lumigo

Quickly follow issues upstream and determine root cause

In one click, with no code changes, trace everything

Debug using the actual HTTP payloads

All the context you need in one place to solve issues fast

See the end-to-end story of every request with payload data
and stack traces so you can troubleshoot in a single view

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Start troubleshooting with Lumigo

Using Lumigo is something that helps us reduce our development time significantly. Issues do happen during development, and Lumigo helps us tackle them.

Lumigo has a better monitoring system for serverless. Datadog doesn’t get close. Lumigo is the best option.

With Lumigo, Sonos managed to reduce its Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by a staggering 80%.

With Lumigo, I have complete confidence in the health of our system.

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