Lights, Camera, Action: Lumigo Joins AWSonAir for a Big Announcement

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It’s no secret that AWS has an extensive catalog of services which enable organizations to rapidly scale infrastructure. In this fast paced and self scaling cloud native world, observability across all these services has never been more critical.

As a long time AWS Technology Partner, it’s always great to speak to our friends at AWS, and most recently, Lumigo CEO Erez Berkner joined AWS on Air to talk about end-to-end observability of the modern cloud application. It’s a hot-button issue for many developers and engineers that are dealing with the rising complexity of managing diverse, distributed cloud native environments.

Check out the AWS on Air video (or read the summary below) to learn more about how Lumigo can help with cloud native observability.

The migration to microservices—and the adoption of managed services—has made traditional ways of monitoring ineffective, with major impact to performance and customer experience. Cloud native applications require a different approach that goes beyond monitoring with just logs and metrics in order to connect the pieces of highly distributed environments, especially where developers can’t see inside, as is the case with managed services like DynamoDB and S3. Without end-to-end observability, finding and fixing issues before they impact users becomes increasingly difficult.

Bringing order to chaos

To bring order to the chaos of cloud native applications, distributed tracing is key to achieving observability. Distributed tracing enables you to track an issue or failure upstream to its root cause. With Lumigo, automated distributed tracing is out of the box, and not only traces serverless functions and containers, but connects every managed or 3rd party service in a transaction into one single path to follow so developers and engineers can understand their application in entirety.

What’s Lumigo’s secret sauce?

To give users one single view of a transaction or request, Lumigo developed the technology, together with AWS and using tools like Lambda Layers and Lambda Extensions, to connect the dots of managed services.

More than a monitoring tool, Lumigo not only brings full observability, but also easy, fast and effective debugging. With distributed tracing at our core, developers don’t have to waste precious time with logs and metrics to debug their applications. In just a few clicks, you can go from alert to root cause resolution, and get back to business as usual.

Watch the full video above for a demo of Lumigo’s cloud native observability platform or sign up to get started for free.