Lumigo achieves AWS Lambda Ready designation

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We’re excited to announce that Lumigo achieved the coveted AWS Lambda Ready designation as a serverless-first observability platform. Over the years we’ve put a lot of effort into building a product that would help the mainstream adoption of serverless technology by providing developers with the tools they need and it’s truly an honor to have AWS recognize those efforts.

“We’re thrilled to have achieved AWS Service Ready status,” said Erez Berkner, Lumigo co-founder and CEO. “Our team is dedicated to helping developers painlessly and rapidly achieve their serverless goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides.”

What is the AWS Service Ready Program

The AWS Service Ready Program validates and identifies products built by APN Select or Advanced Technology Partners that integrate with specific AWS services. Through the program, AWS recommends APN Partners solutions to AWS customers based on technical validation by AWS Partner Solution Architects who review product availability and architecture.

As an AWS Lambda ready platform, Lumigo differentiates itself from the other AWS Partner Network members with an AWS Lambda product integration that’s generally available and fully supported for all AWS customers. We demonstrated time and again, success building products integrated with AWS Lambda and helping our customer use their technology productively, at scale, and with varying levels of complexity.

Moving forward we’ll continue to provide the top-shelf, end-to-end visibility into our customers’ serverless applications, just as we did before the only difference is that now, AWS customers looking for serverless monitoring platforms will spend less time evaluating tools and focus more on scaling their use of products that are integrated with AWS services.

This amazing achievement is a credit to you too, our customers. You’ve helped us shape Lumigo into the top-tier serverless observability platform that thousands of people around the world use every single day.

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