Case Study: ClariFruit

ClariFruit is revolutionizing the agriculture industry using AWS serverless architecture monitored by Lumigo.


ClariFruit was founded in early 2017 with the mission of introducing scientific rigor to the measurement of the ripeness, quality, durability and taste of fruits and vegetables. Using a mobile application at the frontend and a backend based on computer vision and machine-learning, ClariFruit brings smart technology and measurable standards to an industry that has until now relied on educated guesswork and assumptions.

The solution helps farmers grade their produce for market and pinpoint the ideal harvest time to ensure optimal quality, taste and durability. 

Technology Stack

The ClariFruit backend is based on AWS serverless using components like AWS S3, SNS, SQS, Lambda and many more. The application is highly asynchronous, leveraging the advantages of serverless computing, such as scalability, cost per use and instant availability. 

The Challenge

Like any application serving end customers, the application’s backend needs to be monitored to identify problems and errors, and when they occur, to troubleshoot them as quickly as possible. ClariFruit’s users depend on the application to take critical decisions in their day-to-day work, so it’s crucial that the service will be robust and reliable. 

ClariFruit’s team found out that monitoring and troubleshooting a distributed serverless environment is not trivial. It’s difficult to learn about issues before they affect the end user, and even when an issue has been identified, getting to the root-cause can be time consuming.

The Solution – Lumigo Serverless monitoring and troubleshooting platform

The team started using the Lumigo platform and immediately identified issues across the production environment, and based on Lumigo’s monitoring insight were able to resolve all issues quickly.

The ability to view the transaction flow and the stack trace in a distributed computing environment made the troubleshooting simple and effective.

Furthermore, ClariFruit architecture is constantly evolving, and the ability to visualize the current state of the system in real-time that Lumigo afforded them, helps to inform design decisions and with educating new team members.

Ruby Boyarski, ClariFruit CTO, said: “The minute I saw the Lumigo solution, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. It was very simple and quick to start using the platform and we got immediate insight into our environment and increased development velocity.”

He added, “With Lumigo, I have complete confidence in the health of our system on the one hand, and on the other when something is not working properly we can quickly understand the root-cause and resolve the issue”

About ClariFruit

ClariFruit is an innovative startup introducing a revolutionary yet simple approach that allows farmers to accurately measure the ripeness quality, freshness, durability, and taste of fruits and vegetables.

​ClariFruit’s mobile application monitors and analyzes fruit quality, ripeness and freshness, delivering considerable financial and operational benefits to its users. 

Visit the ClariFruit site.

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