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1-Click OpenTelemetry

Lumigo is excited to announce its microservice troubleshooting platform now provides developers and DevOps with the power of OpenTelemetry (OTel) with a single click. Lumigo has long been the leading troubleshooting platform for serverless, but now, users can harness its best-in-class debugging and observability platform for all microservices-based environments. Whether you’re using a serverless, containerized, or Kubernetes-based environment, Lumigo automatically captures and contextualizes all of the data needed to troubleshoot issues in production. The expanded support into containers allows for autonomous deployment of OpenTelemetry (OTel) in under five minutes.

“We’re eliminating the pain of troubleshooting microservices in production by delivering OpenTelemetry in one click,” said Erez Berkner, CEO and Co-Founder of Lumigo. “Developers want all of the benefits of OpenTelemetry coupled with an intelligent backend to process and analyze the captured data without the deployment hassle. Lumigo provides OTel instantly while automatically enriching traces with complete in-context request and response payloads and correlating them with the necessary metrics and logs. This approach has enabled our customers to resolve issues up to 80% faster.”

According to Pini Ben Nahum, R&D Leader at Zesty, “Lumigo is giving us the visibility of OpenTelemetry without the complexity of implementation and management. With a click, we connected our environment and started tracing. We’re finding and resolving issues in production with surgical precision. What used to take hours to resolve, we’re now able to solve in minutes.”

Simplifying the Complexity of Debugging Microservices 

Debugging microservices has become a momentous undertaking. The complexity continues to rise due to an exhaustive list of moving parts such as services, nodes, pods, containers, clusters, namespaces, etc. Achieving comprehensive visibility is vital but often elusive. Manual correlation is required to establish connections between disparate services, and the process becomes time-consuming and error-prone, hindering the efficient resolution of issues within the microservices architecture. In addition, developers must navigate vast quantities of logs to understand the interconnected microservice intricacies and find where the issue lies. Once identified, developers usually need to add more logs and reproduce the issue to understand why it is broken. 

Distributed tracing has become an indispensable tool in troubleshooting microservices. The software industry has coalesced around OpenTelemetry as the open-source industry standard. But implementing OpenTelmetry is no small task.  Configuring your application with all its moving parts can be a tremendous effort to get started, and that effort does not stop with the initial implementation. Teams can expect continuous investment in development time as they deploy new services. 

“When we decided to expand our platform from serverless to all microservices, I spoke to hundreds of customers about their challenges,” said Aviad Mor, CTO and Co-Founder of Lumigo. “A common theme quickly emerged. They were all looking for a solution to piece together the full picture of how their services worked together to pinpoint issues quickly. Most were interested in OpenTelemetry as a solution but feared they did not have the internal expertise or time to implement it properly and that they would lose the request and response payloads they get out of the box from Lumigo.” 

For those who’ve felt the burden of sifting through mountains of log data, seeking a comprehensive, intuitive, and genuinely developer-centric troubleshooting platform, 1-click OpenTelemetry is a paradigm shift in how to troubleshoot and comprehensively approach debugging, issue identification, and remediation.

1-Click OpenTelemetry for Microservice Debugging

With Lumigo, developers get all of the benefits of OpenTelemetry plus an intelligent backend that turns the unrelenting data stream into valuable troubleshooting information, all in a single click. 

Easiest to Deploy 

Lumigo autonomously deploys OpenTelemetry into your microservices environment in a single click, providing deep insights into your containerized applications. Within minutes, your entire OpenTelemetry setup is ready for you to troubleshoot even the most complex issues. 

Provides Full Visibility with all Request and Response Payloads

While OpenTelemetry captures most of the needed data, Lumigo is the only platform that enriches traces with complete in-context request and response payload data. What sets Lumigo apart isn’t just the speed but how it comprehensively captures and contextualizes data.

Automatically Contextualizes Data 

Lumigo automatically pieces together the story, correlating enriched traces to logs, metrics, and beyond. With Lumigo, it’s not just about capturing traces; it’s about understanding them within the context of your entire system. Developers no longer have to piece together puzzles from different sources and can see everything they need to debug faster within a single view.

Lumigo is devoted to spearheading the adoption of the OpenTelemetry framework across the industry. This commitment ensures best-of-class troubleshooting tools for developers and signifies our proactive support and contribution to broader industry adoption. As the industry evolves with new frameworks and techniques, Lumigo is at the forefront, supporting and contributing to developing cutting-edge, essential tools alongside the CNCF OpenTelemetry project. 

Developers can set up a free Lumigo account and receive access to 150k traces a month. To see 1-click OpenTelemetry in action, visit and sign up for your free traces.

About Lumigo:

Lumigo is an observability and troubleshooting platform for modern cloud applications that uses automated distributed tracing to allow developers to quickly navigate to the root cause of issues with visual debugging, resolve performance bottlenecks with a clear breakdown of each component’s execution duration, and receive notifications on issues before they impact the business with smart alerts. Lumigo specializes in connecting the dots to present an end-to-end view across the full spectrum of modern cloud services, including Amazon DynamoDB, API Gateway, Step Functions, Lambda, Fargate, ECS, EKS, EventBridge, S3, Kinesys, Kubernetes, and many more. Hundreds of leading companies, including Medtronic, Taco Bell, and Sonos use the platform. Lumigo has raised $37 million in funding to date.