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Feature Spotlight: System Maps

World Map with alerts

What is it?

Lumigo’s System Map is a real-time visualization of your entire application. A bird’s eye view of the whole stack with filters that allow you to drill down into a subset of your infrastructure.

What problem does it solve?

Our systems have grown exponentially both in scale and complexity. AWS takes care of scaling automatically, ensuring your application will scale gracefully regardless of the programming language, load, or location.

With serverless, systems that were once composed of unwieldy codebases are broken up into bite-size pieces and uploaded to machines that you don’t have to manage, upgrade, or ever get to actually see.

The problem is that this creates a new kind of complexity. Applications now run from thousands of functions that execute that little bit of code and then disappear into the void, leaving nothing behind.

These large distributed systems are putting developers in quite a predicament as managing them becomes extremely difficult. Transactions are hard to follow as they jump from an AWS Lambda to DynamoDB or API Gateway, or even a third-party external APIs, such as Stripe or Twilio.

Lumigo’s System Maps

You need a map to make sense of the convoluted slew of transactions that happen behind the scenes. And Lumigo’s System Map is exactly that, giving you the ability to navigate your entire system and understand how each request is handled.

You have all the filtering options at the ready to ensure you can drill down on exactly what you are looking for without spending hours looking at giant spider-web-looking maps. These filters, including by resource name, type, region, or tags, allow you to drill down on the problem areas of your system or see a subset of your architecture to get a better understanding of how it works.

The new clustering capability helps reduce the number of visible services to the granularity needed by the user.

Lumigo Serverless System Map

We added tools to assist with the correlation between different services. You can select a service and clearly see what other services it is calling and what services are calling it. This capability helps when planning the architecture, re-factoring, or immediately understanding who are the suspects when there is an issue.

What next?

Signup for Lumigo and get access to the System Map, which will automatically map out all your resources in real-time and gather insights into exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Lumigo is free to use and the set up takes just a couple of minutes.

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