Kubernetes Tracing
Aviad Mor | Dec 14 2023
A Bright New Era in Developer Troubleshooting with Lumigo and OpenTelemetry
At Lumigo, building developer-first tools has always been at the forefront of our...
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1-Click OpenTelemetry
Erez Berkner | Dec 13 2023
Lumigo Releases 1-Click OpenTelemetry for Microservices Troubleshooting
Lumigo is excited to announce its microservice troubleshooting platform now provides developers and...
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DeveloperSteve | Sep 04 2023
When to scale tasks on AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Since its inception, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) has emerged as a strong...
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DeveloperSteve | Aug 30 2023
Getting started with RabbitMQ
RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker software that facilitates communication and data exchange...
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Lumigo AWS CDK Support
Michele Mancioppi | Apr 27 2023
Distributed Tracing for AWS CDK Applications
What is AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) v2?  The AWS CDK lets...
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Lumigo Kubernetes Operator
Michele Mancioppi | Apr 17 2023
The Magic Behind the Lumigo Kubernetes Operator
Kubernetes is the container orchestration platform of choice for many teams. In our...
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blog Small - serverless observability 847x556
Yan Cui | Nov 11 2021
Serverless Observability: It's easier than you think!
Observability is a measure of how well the internal state of a system...
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blog - Series A - We are growing 1200x630
Erez Berkner | Nov 02 2021
We raised $29 million in new funding. Here's what we're going to do with it
Today we are announcing an additional $29 million in funding to help Lumigo...
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Erez Berkner | Oct 04 2021
September Round Up
Here's a quick roundup of the newest product features, resources, and events from...
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Blog post - Optimizing Lambda Costs
Yan Cui | Sep 29 2021
Graviton-Based Lambda Functions, What It Means For You
https://lumigo.io/learn/aws-lambda-cost-guide/AWS just announced support for AWS Lambda functions powered by AWS Graviton2 processors....
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Yan Cui | Jul 14 2021
Testing strategies for Step Functions
AWS Step Functions is a powerful orchestration service that lets you model even...
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Erez Berkner | Jun 09 2021
Understanding Serverless Observability
What is Serverless Observability? Ideally, observability should help you understand the state of...
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lambda extensions just got better
Yan Cui | May 10 2021
Lambda Extensions Just Got Even Better
AWS announced AWS Lambda Extensions back in October 2020 and I wrote extensively...
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Yan Cui | May 04 2021
3 Major Ways To Improve AWS Lambda Performance
When it comes to performance, AWS Lambda gives you a single configuration to...
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CI CD with serverless hero image
Erez Berkner | Feb 20 2021
Making CI/CD work with serverless
“Serverless computing is a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider runs...
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Lumigo CLI hero image
Yan Cui | Feb 15 2021
Automating Serverless Tasks with the Lumigo CLI
Here at Lumigo, our mission is to help customers succeed with serverless by...
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Lumigo Blog AppSync Hero Image
Yan Cui | Jan 18 2021
How to monitor and debug AppSync APIs
AWS AppSync is a fully managed GraphQL service that makes it easy for...
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serverless event routing hero image
Dhaval Nagar | Dec 13 2020
Choosing the right event-routing service for serverless: EventBridge, SNS, or SQS
This post was written by Dhaval Nagar, founder of AppGambit, a Lumigo partner...
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Lambda Logs API hero image
Yan Cui | Nov 12 2020
Lambda Logs API: a new way to process Lambda logs in real-time
AWS released Lambda Extensions just over a month ago, and we explained what...
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AWS Lambda Extensions - Blog Hero Image
Yan Cui | Oct 08 2020
AWS Lambda Extensions: What are they and why do they matter
There is a growing ecosystem of vendors that are helping AWS customers gain...
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Blog - Lambda Cold Starts
Yan Cui | Sep 20 2020
What Causes AWS Lambda Cold Starts & 7 Ways to Solve Them
[inline_banner_by_id id=5428] What are Lambda Cold Starts? Cold starts can be a killer...
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Blog - Debugging Slow Lambda Response Times2
Yan Cui | Sep 03 2020
How to Debug Slow Lambda Response Times
When you build your application on top of Lambda, AWS automatically scales the...
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serverless alerts
Yan Cui | Aug 17 2020
What alerts should you have for serverless applications?
A key metric for measuring how well you handle system outages is the...
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Dori Aviram | Jul 07 2020
Lambda Execution Leaks: A Practical Guide
At Lumigo, we recently ran into some issues with a service we built...
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debug lambda performance image
Yan Cui | Jul 01 2020
How to Debug AWS Lambda Performance Issues
Ten years ago, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency would cost them...
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Saar Tochner | Mar 25 2020
Serverless Continuous Integration in the era of parallelism
As a team that does pure serverless, we place a lot of emphasis...
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Erez Berkner | Mar 17 2020
Serverless CI/CD: How we added a staging step
Unit tests and integration tests are vitally important, but sometimes even those aren’t...
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Erez Berkner | Mar 10 2020
10 Essential Serverless Framework Plugins
To round out our series on the serverless open source community, Itay Herskovits,...
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A Swiss Army Knife representing developer serverless open source tooling
Erez Berkner | Feb 04 2020
Essential Open Source Serverless Tools
The infrastructure that runs your applications can be nearly as complex as the...
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Cloned Stormtroopers representing concurrent Lambda functions
Yan Cui | Dec 03 2019
AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency: The End of Cold Starts
What Is Provisioned Concurrency? Amazon Lambda is a serverless runtime that offers provisioned...
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Yan Cui | Oct 16 2019
The why, when and how of AWS API Gateway service proxies
Serverless Hero Yan Cui explains when and why you should use AWS API...
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The Serverless Framework logo on a background of clouds.
Yan Cui | Oct 06 2019
Top 10 best practices for serverless.yml
The Serverless Framework is one of the oldest (and still going strong!) deployment...
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Josh Linton | Sep 26 2019
Serverless API with ReactJS
The article, Serverless API with ReactJS, was first published on the Serverless Guru...
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An image of a queue in London representing AWS SQS.
Yan Cui | Aug 14 2019
SQS and Lambda: a Quick Tutorial and How to Handle Failure Modes
How do SQS and Lambda Work Together? Amazon SQS is a lightweight, fully-managed...
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An image of glue representing the "surface area code" that connects "business logic" code.
Charlie Green | Jul 16 2019
The other half of software: what lurks between business logic
In 2016 I was the tech lead for a greenfield project completely devoid...
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API Gatewa and AWS Lambda logos
Erez Berkner | Jun 24 2019
Tackling API Gateway Lambda performance issues
API Gateway is a powerful tool for creating a coherent API out of...
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An image of a speedometer representing a faster functioning Lambda
Yan Cui | Jun 18 2019
Serverless app to speed up all your Lambda functions
A while back, I wrote about how you can shave latency off every...
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Yan Cui | May 16 2019
Lambda and Kinesis - beware of hot streams
Back in 2017, I wrote a post titled “3 pro tips for Developers...
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How to make sure you don't accidentally delete your serverless stack
Erez Berkner | Apr 25 2019
Serverless from the trenches 1: Protect your stack from deletion
It’s time to talk about the everyday challenges of serverless. Whenever I scroll...
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Yan Cui | Apr 16 2019
AWS Lambda Use Cases: When to use Lambda layers
AWS introduced Lambda Layers at re:invent 2018 as a way to share code...
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Yan Cui | Mar 25 2019
An AWS Lambda app to clean up old deployment packages
AWS Lambda has a soft limit of 75GB for deployment packages for all...
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Erez Berkner | Mar 12 2019
Web frameworks implication for serverless cold starts
TL;DR Web application frameworks with all of their benefits add their own set...
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