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Yan Cui | May 16 2019
Lambda and Kinesis - beware of hot streams
Back in 2017, I wrote a post titled “3 pro tips for Developers...
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How to make sure you don't accidentally delete your serverless stack
Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Apr 25 2019
Serverless from the trenches 1: Protect your stack from deletion
It’s time to talk about the everyday challenges of serverless. Whenever I scroll...
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How best to organize your AWS Lambda functions? Monorepo or multirepo?
Yan Cui | Apr 19 2019
Mono-repo vs one-per-service
With AWS Lambda, we can deploy and scale individual functions. However, we engineers...
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AWS Lambda LaunchDarkly canary deployment
Yan Cui | Apr 18 2019
Canary Deployment with LaunchDarkly and AWS Lambda
LaunchDarkly has built an impressive feature flag management system that overages more than...
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Yan Cui | Apr 16 2019
When to use Lambda layers
AWS introduced Lambda Layers at re:invent 2018 as a way to share code...
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Avishai Shafir | Apr 11 2019
Takeaways from Serverless Architecture Conference NL 2019
Lumigo VP Product Avishai Shafir rounds up the most interesting talking points from...
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Yan Cui | Apr 10 2019
AWS Lambda deployment frameworks compared
With AWS Lambda, deploying a new version of our application has never been...
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Automate chores around Cloudwatch logging with these open source tools from Lumigo
Yan Cui | Apr 04 2019
AWS Lambda apps to automate chores around CloudWatch Logs
The open source applications described in this article are available from Lumigo's Github...
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Yan Cui guides you through canary deployment considerations.
Yan Cui | Mar 27 2019
Canary deployment for AWS Lambda
With AWS Lambda, we get blue-green deployment out of the box. After we...
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Yan Cui | Mar 25 2019
An AWS Lambda app to clean up old deployment packages
AWS Lambda has a soft limit of 75GB for deployment packages for all...
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Efi Merdler-Kravitz | Mar 12 2019
Web frameworks implication for serverless cold starts
TL;DR Web application frameworks with all of their benefits add their own set...
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Erez Berkner | Aug 12 2018
Takeaways from the ServerlessConf SF 2018
Last week I attendedServerlessConf SF. This was the 8th and largest ServerlessConf to...
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