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Why developers choose Lumigo over Datadog

A clearer view into serverless and containerized environments


Datadog is blind to some common managed services and the data passing between them, leaving developers with broken traces that have to be manually reconstructed to get a complete view.

Datadog can’t trace through every service in context, like this common Lambda to SNS to SQS flow.


Lumigo automatically stitches together asynchronous requests in context, across all micro and managed services, end-to-end.

Lumigo traces from event trigger through managed services like AWS DynamoDB and Step Functions, as well as 3rd parties like Twilio.

Easy to set-up, easy to use


It may take a few days to set-up DataDog’ with agent-based tracing and manual instrumentation. An overwhelming interface makes it hard to surface critical information.


With no code changes to enable Lumigo’s automated tracing, users get immediate insights. There’s no learning curve either–get an alert, easily identify the root cause with payload request data, fix it and move on.

Upfront pricing with no hidden fees

Tracing comes at an additional cost for each invocation with Datadog, and without billing alerts, you’ll never know if you’re incurring more cost.

Lumigo’s tiered pricing is simple. With a fixed rate based only on traces, you pay the same every month. Plans start at $99 per month for 1M traces, with no hidden fees.


Based on and Datadog’s public pricing documentation from November 2022 / Assumes
5GB of span ingestion per 1M traces / Assumes 14-day data retention / Assumes pricing per month billed annually

*Price may very depending on the compute workloads

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Yan Cui
AWS Serverless Hero
and Lumigo Developer Advocate

Lumigo has a better monitoring system for serverless, Datadog doesn’t get close. We don’t get any useful information from Datadog to monitor our serverless systems, Lumigo is the best option.
Marco Giuseppini
Cloud Engineer, Starting Finance
We were able to take the new to production with the utmost confidence, knowing it would scale with minimal errors. I don’t think our website would be where it is today without Lumigo.
Jonathan Lemon Software
Engineering Manager, SONOS