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What is it?

We added out of the box alerts for irregular behaviors. Lumigo Insights will trigger an alert the second it detects an irregularity with your functions ensuring you’ll know the second things start to go sideways.

What problem does it solve?

Applications and services go down all the time. There are traffic spikes and high error rates happening when you’re not expecting them and more often than not, if left to its own devices, your Lambdas will not let you know about them until it’s too late.

Insights: Deep Dive

That’s why we’ve built a system that will automatically detect all of these irregularities and trigger and alert when they happen, letting you know something’s off even without having you add a specific alert for that scenario.

Normally you’d have to create an alert policy dedicated for a specific condition (or event). With Lumigo you’d have those alerts be sent out to slack or email immediately depending on how you’ve set up your notifications.

And here is the great thing about Lumigo’s Insights. It monitors your functions for any deviation from the norm, specifically looking for spikes in invocations or error rates and will bring this to your attention the second it happens with out of the box alerts.

It does this by looking at different timeframes and compares the data to evidentiate any anomalies.

It’s worth mentioning that, just like regular alerts they can be muted, assigned to a specific member or even be added to a Jira task from the Issues tab.

What’s next?

To take full advantage of Lumigo’s Insights all you have to do is sign up for a free account. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes and with the out of the box alerts you’ll be ready to troubleshoot serverless applications at the speed of light.