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How Zesty's Programmers and Ops Team Troubleshoots Kubernetes in Minutes

About Zesty

Zesty helps organizations be more adaptable to changing business needs by making their cloud infrastructure more dynamic. With offerings for compute, block storage, and Kubernetes, Zesty automatically scales resources to meet application demands in real-time. This helps DevOps teams slash cloud costs, maintain perfect app performance, minimize the hassle of managing infrastructure, and fully realize the true flexibility of the cloud. Founded in 2019, Zesty was built with the vision of making the cloud more affordable and accessible to all.

Zesty’s Challenges

Zesty has a variety of workloads spread across several AWS services, including Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Lambda. The distributed nature of their application made it extremely difficult to understand how data flowed through their microservices applications. In order to understand what was happening with their various workloads, Zesty would have to search through mountains of logging info. According to Pini Ben-Nahum, R&D Group Leader at Zesty, “It was a huge challenge to pick logs from here and logs from over there. For example, if I’m working with technology B that has logs in location B, it’s really hard to combine these together because my application might be using that specific service but also invoking some other service.”

Zesty wanted to ensure they were not being reactionary to a bug but rather were aware of it and could act proactively to resolve it before it impacted their customers. Zesty realized they needed a monitoring service that correlated all of their data across services, proactively alerted them of issues, and helped them quickly debug the issue so they could immediately get a fix in place. They set out to find a solution that brought all of the troubleshooting data ‘under one roof’ so they wouldn’t be in a position where their clients were the ones alerting them of bugs. Instead, Zesty wants to know about the bug and be proactively working to resolve it before it even gets to the customer. Of all of the tools they tried, Lumigo came out as the right solution for their microservices environment.

Lumigo Provides Full Visibility Into Zesty’s Microservices

Zesty uses a variety of technologies, from container-based backends like Kubernetes or Amazon ECS to managed services on AWS like Amazon EKS and AWS Lambda. With Lumigo, Zesty now has full visibility into these environments and across all of the micro and managed services they use. Whether it’s a message broker like SQS, a topic management service like SNS, or a large database like DynamoDB, Lumigo is able to trace every transaction across Zesty’s entire environment and correlate those traces to the pertinent logs so Zesty always knows the root cause of any issue.

Zesty Gets Directly to the Root Cause of Every Issue with Lumigo

With Lumigo, Zesty has a ‘One Stop Shop’ that puts all their services under one roof of monitoring.  With this single view across all of their services, Zesty is able to quickly understand the flow of the data and uncover the exact root cause of any issue within their distributed application. Each team at Zesty configures alerts for themselves and receives notifications on their team Slack channel.

According to Mahmoud Mahagne, Senior Backend Developer at Zesty, “Lumigo is an application that was specifically designed around these microservices types of workloads. It’s a tool that doesn’t get in the way of a developer but rather helps them to manage the application. With Lumigo, we’re able to find issues and resolve them very quickly by pinpointing the exact place that needs to be fixed with surgical precision. With Lumigo, we are able to resolve issues way faster than before.”

Zesty is able to find bugs in its microservices environment proactively. Each day, right after standup, they spend two minutes looking through their entire system to see if there are any bugs happening.  Additionally, with Lumigo, Zesty is able to tag based on microservices, making it incredibly easy for them to filter any functions or errors that have gone wrong in a non-intrusive way.

About Lumigo

Lumigo is an AWS Partner Network Advanced Technology Partner. Lumigo is a troubleshooting and observability platform that autonomously deploys OpenTelemetry in under 5 minutes with a single click, automatically capturing and contextualizing all of the data developers need to troubleshoot microservice issues in production. Lumigo is the only distributed tracing platform that enriches traces with complete in-context request and response payloads and correlates them to the relevant logs and metrics, enabling developers to resolve issues up to 80% faster.