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Powerful features for monitoring, debugging and performance

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Know the Full Story of Every Transaction

With automated distributed tracing, Lumigo’s serverless monitoring platform visualizes every transaction, allowing you to understand the flow and correlate issues across services.

Serverless Debugging Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Debugging Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Easily see the input/output of each service, including 3rd-party services, with environment variables at the time of invocation. View parameters and values in each line of the stack trace. See payload of http and API calls. All this — without any code changes!

Correlated logs to serverless transaction

See What You Need When You Need It

Thanks to Lumigo’s serverless monitoring platform, see only the relevant logs and debugging information related to a transaction.

Full observability with traces, logs and metrics of a specific transaction in one place.

Search for Anything Anywhere!

Start with a lead and zoom in on what you want to find. You search the data, not just logs.

Get Up & Running in Minutes

One-click integration to your AWS account and fully-automated distributed tracing, with no code changes.

Lumigo leverages AWS Lambda Layers for a seamless integration.

Visual System Map

Forget whiteboards. Lumigo’s serverless monitoring provides a visual, always up-to-date view of your entire architecture, with layers of information, such as warnings about issues, metrics, costs — and the ability to drill down with a click.

Latency Breakdown Timeline

View the duration of each call in the transaction, including asynchronous services such as S3, DynamoDB Streams and Kinesis.

The Issues Page: A Powerful Way to Find & Fix Bugs

View all unhandled exceptions, timeouts, or out-of-memory conditions, filter, assign to a team member, and track.

And you can always drill down.

Serverless-Specific Smart Alerts

Predefined Serverless Alerts

Lumigo’s experts have you covered with out-of-the-box alerts based on best practices for errors, timeouts, throttling, memory issues, application issues and more.

Predictive Monitoring

Using machine learning, Lumigo’s predictive analytics identifies and alerts on emerging issues before they impact application availability, performance or cost.

Know when you are about to reach an AWS limit such as IP range or Lambda concurrency before you actually hit the wall.

Proactive Monitoring

Lumigo automatically detects and alerts of abnormal behavior, such as a sudden error rate surge, without the need for manual configuration

Custom Alerts

Define alerts specific to the nature of your application, based on dozens of metrics generated and available in Lumigo

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