"You just flip a switch and it works":

ColorCast transitions from Epsagon to Lumigo seamlessly, reducing debugging time by 90%

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it made it infinitely easier to troubleshoot and reduced debugging time by 90%, decreasing the average time to resolve (ATTR) an issue to 15 mins."
Matt Corley
Head of Engineering at Colorcast
Customer Challenge:

The Colorcast team searched for a new Serverless Monitoring solution to improve the overall functionality and value to their developers and chose Lumigo.

The team at Colorcast evaluated different Serverless Monitoring Solutions over the years. They experimented with and purchased licenses to several solutions. Epsagon, which was recently acquired by Cisco, was one of the solutions the Colorcast team deployed in their tech stack, specifically for Serverless monitoring, and worked with implementing similar tools for their clients as consultants. When it comes to experience and understanding the monitoring and debugging landscape, Colorcast knew exactly what capabilities they were looking for.

Once Epsagon made a strategic decision to twilight several key offerings, the Colorcast team made the decision to search for a new Serverless Monitoring solution that would not only act as a replacement for Epsagon, but also serve to improve the overall functionality and value to their developers.

In order to upgrade and make this transition, Colorcast needed the Epsagon alternative to check all the boxes and provide a seamless transition. They needed:

  • A Serverless monitoring platform with similar and improved capabilities to Epsagon
  • A platform capable of accommodating the complexity of the event architecture landscape in which they operated
  • A platform that could accommodate the 100+ different event sources
  • A solution that provides a full view of the transaction chain
  • A solution that can provide both a single view overview as well as an insightful drilldown of a single distributed trace

Their decision was actually very simple since there was only one single solution capable of all that. Colorcast chose Lumigo because it could fulfill each and every box in their requirements.

Furthermore, Colorcast had no hesitation when it came to the security and compliance element of moving to Lumigo; they were confident in Lumigo’s cybersecurity due diligence, and felt confident that they were in safe hands. The transition from Epsagon was therefore seamless, and completed within 72 hours. Deployment was performed within a couple of clicks.


What does Colorcast value most about Lumigo?

The team at Colorcast described their previous experience with other tools as “trying to piece together a puzzle, almost like solving a mystery,” says Matt Corley, Head of Engineering at Colorcast. “At times we even took to pen and paper to reverse engineer and try to identify the source and resolution.” This was time the R&D team was not using on pushing out new features and new solutions.

The Colorcast team finds great value in the automated tracing function that Lumigo provides. This function allows Colorcast to visualize the entire Serverless environment and every external SaaS solution without having to introduce a single line of code – “You just flip a switch and it works.

This feature has been pretty powerful for us. The ability to view the whole transaction in one place “made it infinitely easier to troubleshoot and reduced debugging time by 90%, decreasing the average time to resolve (ATTR) an issue to 15 mins.”

In fact, the Colorcast team went on to say that:

What most impressed me about Lumigo is just how quickly the team adds new features, and how seriously the team takes customer feedback. It really couldn’t have been a smoother and easier process. Being able to reach out over chat to the Lumigo support team, and speak to someone almost immediately, and get quick answers was instrumental for us.”

With Lumigo the Colorcast team gets an alert, it goes straight to their Slack channel, and within a single click, they can open the transaction, immediately identify the source and acquire all the relevant information to get it fixed.

95% of the time there is really no other investigation that needs to be done” said Corley.

A few words about Colorcast.

Founded by Austin-based Evan Kirkham, Peter Reggio and Luis Lafer-Sousa, Colorcast recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. What a way to celebrate with 6,000 unique listeners logging on for more than 24,600 sessions per month, Colorcast truly is changing the way you experience sports.

The app focuses on creating a unique experience for the sports lovers out there. Their motto is Sports commentary by anybody, for anybody, with no equipment. Exciting? We know! schedule a cast with Colorcast today!