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An open source collection of essential development tools created by AWS Serverless Hero & Lumigo Developer Advocate Yan Cui for the serverless community

Lumigo Command Line Interface packages

The Lumigo Command Line Interface packages together an array of powerful tools designed to smooth out the development and management of event-based, distributed applications.

As early adopters of serverless technology, we firmly believe that community collaboration and open sharing are key to the long-term success of this transformative technology. That’s why we’re so excited to offer this tool – developed to meet the needs of our own engineering team – to the entire serverless community.

The CLI puts 17 useful commands at your fingertips, with updates and new features coming thick and fast.

Here are just some of the highlights:

  • lumigo-cli analyze lambda-cold-starts

    lumigo-cli analyze lambda-cold-starts

  • lumigo-cli analyze-lambda-cost

    lumigo-cli analyze-lambda-cost

  • lumigo-cli list-kinesis-shards

    lumigo-cli list-kinesis-shards

  • lumigo-cli list-lambda

    lumigo-cli list-lambda

  • lumigo-cli powertune-lambda

    lumigo-cli powertune-lambda

  • & many more

    & many more

Lumigo-cli latest updates

WATCH – Yan Cui on the latest updates to the lumigo-cli

What are you waiting for? Give lumigo-cli a try and tell us what you think. If you have ideas for new commands, let us know by raising a feature request here.

Get the Lumigo CLI: Github, NPM


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