Monitoring and Debugging for Modern Cloud Applications

With one-click distributed tracing, Lumigo lets developers effortlessly find and fix issues in serverless and microservices environments

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Find and Fix Issues in Seconds with Visual Debugging

Lumigo builds a virtual stack trace of all services participating in the transaction. Everything is displayed in a visual map that can be searched and filtered.

Automatic Distributed Tracing

Automatic Distributed Tracing

With one click and no manual code changes, Lumigo visualizes your entire environment, including your Lambdas, other AWS services, and every API call and external SaaS service.


Identify and Remove Performance Bottlenecks

See the end-to-end execution duration of each service, and which services run sequentially and in parallel. Lumigo automatically identifies your worst latency offenders.


Serverless-Specific Smart Alerts

Using machine learning, Lumigo’s predictive analytics identifies and alerts on issues before they impact application performance or costs.

Lumigo visualizes your entire serverless stack,
including all your favorite services

What developers say about us

"Using Serverless helps the team push innovation very quickly, and with Lumigo, the speed is amazing."

David Cervi
Founder and CEO, CodeScreen

“With Lumigo, I have complete confidence in the health of our system.”

Ruby Boyarski
CTO, ClariFruit