Solve complex microservice issues 80% faster

The only platform that enriches In-context trace payloads and log correlation to troubleshoot at supersonic speeds

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Why Developers Choose Lumigo

Fastest Tracing
No-code, full trace coverage on every release
Full Visibility into
Distributed Systems
Understand how all of your microservices interrelate
Contextualize Data
Automate correlation of logs, traces, payloads with no code changes.

Remove Tracing complexity

Autonomously deploy OpenTelemetry in under 5 minutes

Deploy with confidence. Lumigo automatically and continuously traces every transaction without code changes or manual intervention.
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Get alerted with the context you need to solve issues fast
Eliminate alert fatigue, get alerted on only what matters to you
The beauty of Lumigo lies in its flexibility, providing the necessary insights without needing to inspect logs manually.
Heinrich Venter, CTO at Polymorph

Reduce the noise

Don’t get caught off guard, stay ahead of issues with actionable alerts

Using machine learning, Lumigo’s predictive analytics identifies and alerts on issues before they impact application performance or costs.
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Reduce your dependency on logs
Immediately identify the root cause of any issue
With Lumigo, Sonos managed to reduce its Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by a staggering 80%.”
Jonathan Lemon, Software Engineering Manager at Sonos

automate log correlation

Solve issues fast with auto-correlated log aggregation

Save time and money. View logs in the context of the associated traces while seamlessly navigating from logs to traces and vice versa. Bring all your troubleshooting data into a single, correlated view.
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Save up to 60% on your current log costs
Centralize all AWS accounts logs into a single view
Debugging is a different experience with Lumigo. Before there would be a log with an exception in it and we’d have to dig into the logs to find the cause.
Luke Thompson, Chief Architect at Clarifruit

Eliminate application blind spots

Automated issue detection reduces troubleshooting from hours to minutes

Lumigo provides end-to-end context with automatically captured and contextualized data.
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Reduce your dependency on logs
Immediately identify the root cause of any issue
The ability to monitor and get alerts when something is not working, alongside all the relevant data to solve the problem, enables us to provide our customers with the best service”
Vlad Kharbash, VP R&D at Cybeats

Lumigo works everywhere you Do

Publish, deploy, notify, report - Lumigo integrates with your favorite tools.