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Prevent serverless misconfigurations with a single CLI command

Stackoscope easily detects misconfiguration, security, and performance issues in serverless applications. It’s a free tool created by Yan Cui and the folks at Lumigo for the serverless community.

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Detect Early, Fix Fast

Stackoscope runs a health check on your AWS serverless environments. It can be integrated into the deployment process or be used directly from the command line to quickly improve security, cost, scalability, resilience, and performance issues.

Stackoscope currently works with these AWS services (with more to come): API Gateway, CloudWatch Logs, DynamoDB, IAM, Kinesis, Lambda, Secrets Manager, Step Functions, SNS, SQS, SSM Parameter, and NAT Gateway.

How It Works?

  1. Run Stackoscope directly from the Lumigo CLI
  2. The metadata of your resources will be securely sent to Lumigo (not the actual data)
  3. A report with misconfiguration issues and best-practice recommendations is then generated and sent to your email.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Install the Lumigo CLI npm install -g lumigo-cli
  2. Run the scanner (Stackoscope) lumigo-cli scanner
  3. Enter your email
  4. A customized report will be sent to your email.