Distributed Tracing For AWS Serverless Apps

Instantly gain observability over serverless applications on AWS Cloud. See the journey of every request across Lambdas and services - no code changes necessary.

Lumigo serverless monitoring dashboard.

See the Complete Picture in Seconds

Understand issues in context with no gaps. Trace the flow of every individual transaction from end to end - including Lambda functions, AWS services and third-party API calls.
Lumigo System Map
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Get Detailed Debugging Info Instantly

Get alerted to potential issues, then click to view a virtual stack trace, correlated logs, environment variables and end-to-end visualizations in a single pane. Find root cause and fix issues in a fraction of the time!
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Deploy Distributed Tracing Your Way

Instrument your code manually or utilize our auto-instrumentation wizard or Serverless Framework plugin to deploy the Lumigo distributed tracing agent in seconds!
Automated distributed tracing wizard
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